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NewsKashmiri Wanderers Discover Mysterious Rock Formations in Kashti Village

Kashmiri travelers on a journey from Mirpur to the Kishanganga Valley recently made a fascinating discovery in the village of Kashti.

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While passing through the Ashkot Bandi area, they noticed some strange and unusual sights on the rocks across the river from the village.

The travelers, Sajid Manan Gurezi and Jamwal Sahib, crossed the river and investigated the rocks. They found an oven-like structure inside a large rock, as well as two large stone pots. The locals told them that the name of the village of Kashti is derived from the name of Kashi Dev, a Hindu god. However, the travelers believe that the structures may have been built by Maharaja Lalitaditya, a Hindu king who ruled Kashmir in the 8th century.

The travelers also spoke to a young policeman who was on duty at the bridge over the Kishanganga River. The policeman was from Bhimber and he was very helpful. He took the travelers’ ID cards and allowed them to cross the river.

The travelers were impressed by the young policeman’s ethics and they are grateful for his help.

They are also excited to share their discovery with the world and they hope that others will be able to visit the village of Kashti and see the mysterious rock formations for themselves.

The travelers’ discovery is a reminder of the rich history and culture of Kashmir. It is also a reminder that there are still many mysteries to be discovered in this beautiful region.

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